Teen Titans

just watch it :)

Language Lesson/Raven’s Date

ok so there is so many things i thought was funny like first the guy is from sister, i didn’t really think this was funny just noticed it

But i did think it was funny the cooked silky then in the next scene in robins background said missing and had a picture of silky. for some reason that made me laugh.

I love Robin and Starfire xD

Gamma Ray titans

"Super powder" lol

This isn’t the best quality but hey i got to see it so I’m  not complaining. Red ex is both too cute and smart! XD

Fact…a little off topic

a cool little fact I figured out a little late but the voice of starfire, Hynden Walch, is also the voice of princess gumdrop

but did you know that princess gumdrops voice is also done by Paige moss for a time on Nickeloden.



Mine :)


Mine :)

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Cyborg haha ^,^

haha awesome

haha awesome